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Reference list

of Ukrainian national foreign economic corporation “Vazhmashimpex”


Description of the project Country, City Firm of Customer
1. Development of technical documentation, procurement and installation supervision of three sets of dual-completion Christmas tree of 70 MPa (we were the first in the Commonwealth of Independent States). Azerbaijan, Baku Management of Foreign Economic Ties of the State Petrol Company of Azerbaijan Republic
2. Reconstruction of Kremikovsky metallurgical plant converter shop with equipment supply and assembly, and with local personnel training. Bulgaria, Sofia “BOLRO-EOOD”
3. Supply of gas and oil equipment and spare parts. USA, Houston RUSSLINK ENERGY CORPORATION
4. Supply of 20 diesel locomotives of ТЭЗ series and critical spare parts for them. UAE, Dubai “Traditions Consultancy”
5. Supply, assembly and commissioning of weight-handling and hydro-mechanical equipment for Tupolangskaya Hydro Power Station. Uzbekistan, Tashkent OJSC “USUB”
6. Supply, assembly and commissioning of hydro-turbines, hydraulic hitches, control systems and other energy equipment, and local personnel training for Gisarakskaya HPP. Uzbekistan, Tashkent OJSC “USUB”
7. Common with Tashkent tractor plant manufacture of 11500 metal containers as the result of award of the tender announced by the World Bank. Uzbekistan, Tashkent City counsel (Hokimiyat) Tashkent
8. Upgrade of the USA made gas-turbine engines GE-F5 for oil-and-gas transportation with local personnel training. Iran, Mashhad NTN, Co.
9. Supply of gas and petrol equipment. Russia, Krasnodar “Neftegaznashtehnologii” Ltd.
10. Modernization of the USA made gas-turbine engines for oil-and-gas transportation. Iran, Mashhad “Technology Cooperation Office”
11. Joint development of the brake systems for the new generation of Ukrainian manufacture rolling stock with supply and assembly of new German equipment. Federal Republic of Germany, Berlin КНОРР-Bremze Berlin
12. Supply of public technical equipment and spare parts to it as the result of the award of the tender announced by the World Bank. Uzbekistan, Tashkent City counsel (Hokimiyat) Tashkent
13. Supply of metallurgical and transport equipment to Esfahan metallurgical plant. Iran, Esfahan "Isfahan Steel Co."
14. “Turn-key” construction of 2500 kW gas-turbine power plant with installation of equipment for use of both fluid and gas fuel. Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda “Ai-Dan Munay”LTD
15. Reconstruction of pipelines at Lysychansk oil refinery with supply of equipment of the world leading manufacturers. Ukraine, Lysychansk “LINOS” Ltd
16. Supply and assembly of control equipment for carrying out gas and petrol surveillance works for well-sites of Karakuma and Northern Berdas. Uzbekistan, Tashkent JSC “O’ztashqineftgaz”
17. Supply of main-line diesel for the needs of Moldavian metallurgical plant. Moldova, Rybnitsa SCJSC “Moldavian metallurgical plant”
18. Supply of industrial stop valves for the needs of integrated iron-and-steel works «Paksteel» (Pakistan). UAE, Abu Dhabi TAIF TRADING CO LLC
19. Supply of 100 hopper cars for the needs of Uzbek railway. USA, New York “IMPERIAL TRADE LLC”
20. Upgrade of ammonia overcharge unit at Odesskiy portside plant with replacement of the “Rols Roys” equipment (the Great Britain) by Ukrainian made one; equipment assembly and personnel training. Ukraine, Kyiv Ukrainian state forein economic enterprise “Ukrvneshhimproekt”
21. Supply of construction documentation and processing equipment for the site of stale slagheap processing of the steelmaking PA «Uzmetkombinat»; erection supervision. Uzbekistan, Bekabad PA “Uzmetkombinat”
22. Delivery of steel pipes for the main gas-pipeline “Mubarakneftegas”. Uzbekistan, Tashkent JSC “O’ztashqineftgaz”
23. Design, manufacture and supply of 4,0 MW gas-turbine generator for oil refinery in Myanmar, erection supervision. Myanma, Yangown “Angelique International Limited”
24 Industrial areas lighting along with supply of 122 searchlights with stabilizers. India, Machilipatnam “Bharat Electronics Limited”
25. Turnkey construction of 2 x 2.5 MW gas-turbine power plant in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan “Transgastechnicbutlash”
26. Capital repair of 3 boilers with replacement of high-stage steam-heaters. Pakistan WAPDA
27. Capital repair of 4x2.5 MW gas-turbine power plant with engines replace. Uzbekistan “Transgastechnicbutlash”
28. Construction and delivery of 2000 tons load floating dock. Portugal, Lisbon Esteleiros Navais de Peniche (ENP)
29. Organization of steel and aluminum shafts production for gravure printing. Ukraine, Kyiv JSC "Ukrplastic" (Kyiv)
30. Co-production of column apparatus for the oil refineries of the Far North. Russia ŠKODA JS, Czech Republic
31. Repair and modernization of 2x55mW gas turbines. Restoration and modernization of the section mill at the «Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited». Nigeria, Ajaokuta «Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited»
32. Joint with Herrenknecht AG (Germany) organization of production of 450-600 tons drilling units in Ukraine in accordance with the Machine-Building Development Program of the Government of Ukraine. Ukraine, Kharkov «Naftogaz» Ukraine