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Ukrainian National Foreign Economic Corporation “Vazhmashimpex”

The Corporation was established in 1996 by initiative of the Government of Ukraine and leading heavy machine-building enterprises with the aim to organize complete deliveries of the machine-building products and construction of the industrial facilities abroad on the “turn-key” basis.

UNFEC “Vazhmashimpex” has been assigned as the leading agency of the Ministry of industrial policy of Ukraine in the field of foreign economic activity and authorized to:

  • organize works implementation and products supplies for the state needs; organize cooperation;
  • coordinate the foreign economic activities of the machine-building enterprises and carry out measures aimed at its improvement and protection of Ukrainian manufactures’ interests at the foreign markets;
  • complete deliveries of the products and services abroad;
  • construct, repair and supply the power equipment, implement the automated process control systems and commission the power projects on “turn-key” basis;
  • organize and participate in the international tenders, exhibition, trade fairs, auctions, etc.

UNFEC “Vazhmashimpex” delivers an equipment for power, oil-and-gas, chemical and metallurgical industries, foundries, as well as compressor, pump and other equipment.

In order to increase the effectiveness of its foreign economic activity, UNFEC “Vazhmashimpex” established the representative offices in all industrial regions of Ukraine, in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates and Nigeria. The work on opening the representative offices in Iran, China and Vietnam is ongoing. The agency relationships have been established with companies of Bulgaria and Brazil.

UNFEC “Vazhmashimpex” is the member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine. The corporation has been put into the Gold Book of the business elite of Ukraine, awarded with the Honorary Diploma for the powerful contribution to the economics of Ukraine, and with the Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine. The “Vazhmashimpex” corporation has also been included into “The Register of the industry associations of manufacturers, importers and exporters of Ukraine”.

The General Director of the Corporation awarded with the rank of “The Honored Machine Engineer of Ukraine” by the Decree of the President of Ukraine.

The management of Ukrainian National Foreign Economic Corporation “Vazhmashimpex” got the market economy education in European and American educational institutions and possesses wide experience of administrative work at the energy and machine building enterprises and design institutes.

Thanks to gained experience, competent and active staff, competitive products, manufactured by enterprises - members and associated partners of corporation, and thanks to well-formed relations with all these enterprises, Ukrainian National Foreign Economic Corporation is ready for mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign partners.

In July 2017, with the assistance of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the "Vazhmashimpex" Corporation, within the framework of the tender for modernization of Helwan metallurgical plant HADISOLB (Egypt), has established the International Consortium including Ukrainian manufacturers, who previously took part in supply of equipment to HADISOLB, and Egyptian engineering company EETIS, which will take on it rendering services and supply of materials, necessary for qualified execution of work, from local market.

Each of the Parties has successful experience in implementation of the projects abroad as well as possesses necessary capabilities of engaging the subcontracting agencies for responsible and comprehensive execution of works, supplies and services.

The consortium includes:

  1. UNFEC «VAZHMASHIMPEX» (Ukraine) - Coordinator of the Consortium;
  2. SE «UkrRTC «ENERGOSTAL»(Ukraine);
  3. PJSC «NKMZ» (Ukraine);
  4. SE «Ukrgipromez» (Ukraine);
  6. JSC «Poltava Turbomechanical Plant» (Ukraine);
  7. Worldwide Cargo Logistics Solutions LLP (United Kingdom);
  8. Egyptian Engineers for Treading and Industrial Services (Egypt).

Continuing operation in Egypt, the "Vazhmashimpex" Corporation has decided to participate in the tender for modernization of the coke-oven battery, announced by «Al Nasr Company for Coke and Chemicals». With this aim, the Consortium of Ukrainian and foreign enterprises was established, including SE «GIPROKOKS», which earlier designed the coke-oven battery requiring modernization.

The consortium includes:

  1. UNFEC «VAZHMASHIMPEX» (Ukraine) - Coordinator of the Consortium;
  2. SE «GIPROKOKS» (Ukraine);
  3. Consortium «UKRINDUSTRY» (Ukraine);
  4. Bhilai Engineering Corporation Limited (India);
  5. Worldwide Cargo Logistics Solutions LLP (United Kingdom).


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